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Helping ADHD – Is It Too Much or Too Little

Vitamins To Help With ADHD

Like most childhood disorders and illnesses, ADHD occurs as a result of poor nutrition. Certain vitamins can help to combat the behaviors and symptoms that are associated with this disorder. You may have already come across websites that are promoting supplements for ADHD while doing your research on the internet. It is very true that you can do something nutritionally to improve the condition of your child if they have this disorder.

Vitamins To Help With ADHD

If you give your child meals that have all vital vitamins, there will be no need of using ADHD supplements. The following are the vitamins that you should be part of your child’s diet if they suffer from this disorder.

Vitamin B Complex

This is the best vitamin for children that have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is very efficient when it comes to brain function. According to findings from research, children that have low levels of the B vitamins can improve their IQ scores by about 16 points. The B vitamins also help in improving antisocial behavior and aggression in ADHD kids. They improve the levels of dopamine which in turn improves alertness.

The B complex vitamins include:

Vitamin B1:

Vitamin B1 is also known as thiamine. It converts carbohydrates in the body into glucose. For your child to benefit from this vitamin, you should feed them red meat, whole grain bread, sweet corn, green leafy vegetables, legumes and brown rice. At least 25 grams of vitamin B1 per day is enough.

Vitamin B2:

Also referred to as riboflavin, vitamin B2 is responsible for breaking down carbohydrates and maintaining good skin. The rich sources of this vitamin include whole grain products, milk, and peas. Your kid should get at least 25 grams of it in a day.

Vitamin B3:

This is a vital member of the B group of vitamins. Also known as niacinamide, it is excellent for removing toxins from the body. Among the foods that you need to give your child for them to benefit from vitamin B3 include green leafy vegetables, eggs, milk, yeast, fish, and cereals. You should strive to give your child at least 50 grams of this vitamin per day.

Vitamin B6:

This vitamin is used for synthesizing proteins and carbohydrates in the body. It is responsible for forming some neurotransmitters. Also known as pyridoxine, it can be found in whole grain foods, meats, legumes and brown rice. 25 to 50 grams of it per day is perfect for an ADHD child.

Vitamin B9:

People know it as folic acid. It is used for synthesizing DNA together with vitamin B12. It is also important when it comes to breaking down proteins into hemoglobin. Even though it is naturally produced by bacteria that are found in the gastrointestinal system, it can also be found in whole grain foods and green vegetables. Make sure that your child gets around 800 mcg of this vitamin in a day.

Vitamin B12:
Together with vitamin B9 and B6, vitamin B12 plays a critical role in a process that is known as methylation. Daily intake should be about 500 to 1000 mcg.

Even though all these B complex vitamins are vital for people with ADHD, the most important ones are B6, B9, and B12. They are very necessary for methylation, which is a process involved in the function of neurotransmitters, detoxifying the body, controlling inflammation, and also in the antioxidant system.

Apart from the B complex vitamins, other vitamins that can be used as focus supplements include vitamins C and D. Oranges are rich in vitamin C. They contain folate which is critical in the production of serotonin. Serotonin is the primary component in antidepressants that helps in improving mood. Your child can get vitamin D or boost its levels by staying for only 15 minutes in the sun every day. There are also vitamin D supplements that you can consider.

Making sure that the above-mentioned vitamins are included in your kid’s diet will not only be important for them, but also for you too. Your child will be able to live a normal life, and you would not need to worry too much about them especially when they are away from you. Try to plan regular meals and avoid processed foods as much as possible if you want to treat hyperactivity in your child effectively.

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The good news is that with the right nutrition program your problem children can become star athletes which will help them gain confidence and have an inspired life both on and off the field.   Come back soon to see the fascinating articles we will have on how to control the ADHD symptoms of your athletes.

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